Cercle Professional Network LLC

285 Yorkshire Drive

PO Box 609

Newtown, PA 18940-0609

Tel: 215.860.1819

Fax: 215.550.6129


12 Penns Trail

Suite 350

Newtown, PA 18940

Tel: 267.756.7145

Fax: 215.579.9117



Cercle Professional Network LLC has established a reputation of quality service and integrity in effectively providing risk management programs to the health care, legal, life sciences, and specialty industrial marketplace.


Russell W. Wylie, President of Cercle Professional Network LLC, has a background in health care consulting working with national health care organizations and public health departments. Cercle Professional Network LLC is owned equally by Russ and Jean Wylie, Vice President. Jean has a background as a customer service supervisor and media project manager. Russ has a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and is licensed to provide specialized insurance programs through admitted and non-admitted carriers.



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